Facts About Zagora Marathon

Are you from Bulgaria? Have you ever been in Stara Zagora? Do you know the main event in Stara Zagora? If not, worry not. Stara Zagora is the 5th largest city in Bulgaria. It’s economically developed compared to other Bulgarian cities. Many events take place in Zagora. The notable one is Zagora Marathon mostly referred as Running- a way of life.

The marathon started in the year 2016. Do you want to participate? Then the following are the features of the marathon:


Registration is through online. After completing registration, participants choose the payment method. The method can be PayPal or Bank Wire. You have to pay tax before registration. Also, payments done by credit cards are not recoverable. You should also be assured of your data safety since the information only remains with organizers only. They can’t show it to third parties.


Zagora marathon has three types of races namely half marathon 21 km and 10.5 km, and classic 42.195 km. Each marathon has got its fees. Latecomers as any other event pay higher charges. The main aim of the categories is to ensure everyone participates. Organizers give participants t-shirts with logos of the marathon. Every race has its color, 42,195km is red, 21km is blue, and 10.5km is green. Those that successfully finish the allocated distances get medals.

Route and timing

All the three distances start from Alexander Stamboliiski to be specific: Tsar Simeon Veliki. It continues along Bul. At Metro; store participants make a U-turn to the Municipality.  Organizers fit participants with electronic chips-bib. The bibs are put on chest because they supposed to be visible. Failure to put them on the chest, it’s regarded as a breach of contract which may result in disqualification. 42,195km has a time limit of 5:30 hours.

Personal baggage storage and refreshments

Only luggage with organizers stickers is accepted. Organizers are not liable for expensive items if they get lost or vandalized. Individuals are advised to come to the marathon with only their kits, anything apart from that, organizers are not responsible. Refreshments are drinks, fresh and dried fruits. Refreshment stations are provided in every 5 kilometers and after the finish line. They will be serving basil based drinks so find out more about fresh basil nutrition facts

Participation eligibility

The marathon organizers allow participants from home and abroad. One has to attain 18 years

and above to join in 42.195 km. Also, an individual is required to make some health declaration. He or she must substantiate his or her physical fitness for the marathon. The health information should be authentic. Also, he or she should give a mandate to ambulance men and women to take him or her off the race if there is a health alarm.

Prohibited substances

Organizers highly forbid the use of alcohol and cigarettes during the marathon. If found you’re automatically disqualified. All World anti-doping agency regulations are also a priority in this marathon. No doping substances are allowed in the race. The marathon is an honest and clean competition; organizers are very strict. You must be in line with the organizer’s requirements to participate. No shortcuts. Winners take home huge prices and medals.

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